4 April 2022
ITI, Suez Canal University Witness Graduation of Mid-year Vacation Training New Batch

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) has witnessed the graduation of a new batch of students and graduates at Suez Canal University from the mid-year vacation training program, in the presence of senior officials from ITI and the University.
The training program comes within the framework of the operational plans implemented by ITI by offering various training courses for the University’s students and graduates. The training courses help reduce the gap between academia, the real world, and the labor market needs, as ITI analyzes competitive advantages to identify labor market needs and design programs that meet those needs.
ITI branch in Suez Canal University was established in 2013. It provided training courses to approximately 1,000 youths and offered graduates 2,000 hours of training through the 9 Month Scholarship Program. ITI also organized 25 events discussing different technologies, with the number of trainees reaching 1,500 students.
During the graduation ceremony, models of ITI students presented their experiences and how they benefited from ITI training in their professional life.
ITI is the training arm of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). The Institute develops youths’ capabilities and skills through a diversified set of capacity-building programs and professional advanced coaching.
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