14 April 2022
MCIT Issues Information Systems, DX Unit SOP Manual

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in cooperation with the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), has issued the Information Systems and Digital Transformation Unit- Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual, following the best methodologies and international practices to create a source of reference for employees at information systems and digital transformation units in the state’s administrative apparatus.
The SOP Manual is aimed at optimizing the work system in the units in ministries, government agencies and governorates, helping achieve operational excellence and ensure sustainable digital transformation.
Issuing the SOP Manual came as part of the national efforts to create a new work model and improve the current one in information systems and digital transformation units of the administrative apparatus, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030 and "Digital Egypt" strategy, to help raise the efficiency of and best utilize the national resources and provide high-quality services to citizens.
MCIT issued the Manual after holding a series of workshops and sessions and taking into account the insights and suggestions of employees and heads at those units, as well as of local and international officials and experts in ICT.
The SOP Manual discusses the units’ institutional framework and organizational charts in terms of main tasks, competencies and expected outputs. The Manual also highlights the procedures and steps to be followed, the used tools and models, and the governance framework for running the units effectively.
Moreover, the Manual explains the unit’s work cycles, processes, procedures, forms, outcomes and reports, their time frame, key roles and responsibilities, the work governance framework, and main relations and interactions with concerned parties inside and outside the units. The Manual also sets a single methodology for the units, helping achieve integration, concert efforts and reach better and more effective outcomes.
It is worth noting that the information systems and digital transformation units were established by the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 1146 of 2018 regarding the creation of new organizational divisions in the units at the state’s administrative apparatus. This is in addition to Decree No. 87 of 2019 of the Head of the Central Agency for Organization and Administration (CAOA) regarding the creation of an organizational division for information systems and digital transformation and the organizational sub-divisions such as the infrastructure, information security, systems, applications, technical support, statistics, reports and e-publications, it includes. Pursuant to the decrees, MCIT provides technical support to run the units and support employees at the state’s administrative apparatus.
MCIT has developed a plan to provide technical support to employees and heads of information systems and digital transformation units in ministries, government agencies and governorates. The plan includes creating an operational structure for the units; organizing development and capacity-building programs, workshops and sessions; creating Digital Transformation Academy, which was launched by the ICT Minister on 27,May 2021; and developing the SOP Manual.
Most employees and heads planned to be moved to the New Administrative Capital received training on the knowledge, culture and digital skills necessary to cope with the work environment in the New Administrative Capital, with 51,066 certificates. In addition, a range of specialized programs were organized to upskill the units’ personnel, where 7,023 certificates were handed out.
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