Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
26 April 2022
MCIT, Secure Documents Complex, Egypt Post Sign Protocol to Issue Citizen Single Card

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Egypt Post, and the Secure and Smart Documents Complex have signed a cooperation protocol to issue the citizen single card to facilitate the access of people to government services.
The protocol reflects Egypt’s keenness to build a secure and accessible digital economy to serve citizens. The card is a major, indispensable government service. It enables citizens to pay all governmental and non-governmental payments easy and quickly. This will help achieve financial inclusion and the transition to a cashless society.
Egypt Post has become a destination for obtaining services, thanks to the widespread post offices and the long-established relationship between citizens and Egypt Post. The protocol represents a new step in implementing concrete digital transformation in Egypt.
Egypt Post puts its efforts together to achieve this mega project in cooperation with the Secure and Smart Documents Complex, the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and regulatory authorities to produce a card that solidly serves citizens.
The role of Egypt Post involves issuing and running the life cycle of the card, and managing the point of sale (POS) network and the life cycle of the POS applications available within the card. This is in addition to running processes related to the use of the card and non-cash payment services, delivering the cards to citizens, and providing support through the call center 16789.
Founded in 1865, Egypt Post is the largest provider of postal services in Egypt. It enables individuals, businesses, and government agencies to communicate and do business with each other and with the world through a full range of reliable and affordable services, covering the delivery of correspondence, documents, money and goods.
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