Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
27 April 2022
NTRA Adds My Wallets to My NTRA Service Range

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has recently added the My Wallets service to the range of services included within its interactive mobile application, My NTRA. This came in response to the reviews, complaints and needs of users, collected by NTRA.
This step is part of the role of NTRA in providing better telecommunication services for individual and corporate users, improving users’ experience and facilitating their access to services through mobile phones. This in line with the national efforts to support digital transformation.
Using their ID number, users can check and deactivate the e-wallets registered in their names across the four mobile network operators (MNOs) in Egypt, as well as with banks, through the application. Each user can have a maximum of three e-wallets according to the regulatory frameworks established by NTRA and the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE).
NTRA has also added Importer Services and Devices to the range of services offered to corporate users. This is a licensing service for the use of wireless communication devices, that allows users to complete the procedures related to permits, licenses and customs clearance of telecommunication devices.
My NTRA was launched late last year. It is one of the top applications worldwide in terms of the number of services it offers to end-users. So far, the application has about two million downloads.
My NTRA offers a variety of services, including My Numbers, a service that allows users to see the list of mobile lines registered in their names with each MNO in Egypt, without the need to visit the store. Other services include Value-Added Services (VAS) Cancellation, where users can inquire about or cancel VAS services through running a USSD code. The service was added in response to complaints raised by users who bore extra cost on their tariff plan.
Furthermore, NTRA has enabled the Operators’ Points of Sale (PoS) service, allowing users to search for the locations and addresses of MNOs official PoSs. Users can also escalate new complaints or inquire about and check the status of existing ones, with NTRA, through the Complaints section, in case a satisfactory solution was not reached with the MNO. Another service is Speed Check for checking and testing the Wi-Fi or mobile data speed.
Android users can download My NTRA from here. and iOS users, from here.
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