3 May 2022
MCIT Organizes Training on ‘Digital Marketing Skills’ within ‘Qodwa-Tech’

The Central Department for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) will organize a new free training course on “Digital Marketing Skills via Social Media” for women entrepreneurs and craftswomen. The training will be held online from May 21 to June 2 as part of the activities of Qodwa-Tech initiative for empowering women.
The training lasts 36 hours, with an average of three hours per day. It includes defining the fundamental concepts of marketing, recognizing the capability of preparing and developing the competitive advantage for women entrepreneurs, preparing an efficient and effective digital marketing plan, selecting the target audience for advertising and marketing campaigns, developing digital marketing skills via social media, and providing support and advice for craftswomen's marketing plans.
Applicants must be Egyptian and between 18 to 50 years old, have a handcrafted product and social media accounts, and have obtained a high or above-average qualification. Applicants should also be proficient at using the computer and the Internet, have a computer, and motivated to obtain all the training privileges.
To join the training, applicants must have a high-speed Internet during the training, adhere to the training time, not exceed the prescribed percentage of absence, which is 25% of the total training units specified for training, practically apply and deliver the required task in time, and pass the exams and assignments with a percentage of at least 70% to obtain a certificate of completion. Applicants can only withdraw from the training before the beginning of the training.
The objectives of Qodwa-Tech include reaching out to women entrepreneurs nationwide, helping preserve traditional and heritage crafts, and catering to the needs of craftswomen in different governorates. This is achieved through carrying out a wide range of training programs, all of which contribute to promoting and utilizing IT tools and applications in promoting handmade products to empower women economically and socially.
To register in the training, kindly click here.
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