19 May 2022
ITI Organizes Events for Students, Graduates at Assiut University

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is organizing various sessions, programs, and services, targeting students and graduates at Assiut University, on May 19-25.
The first event is held at the Faculty of Commerce, on May 19, focusing on digital marketing and how to prepare yourself to work in that field. The event will be followed by a session at the Faculty of Arts, discussing training opportunities provided to students and graduates and tackling two topics: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and digital marketing. The session will also shed light on the programs and scholarships that help youth acquire the skills necessary for the labor market.
Moreover, the Institute is holding a workshop on how to write your CV and be prepared for personal interviews, on May 21, at the Faculty of Computers and Information.
ITI will conclude its events with the first employment and freelancing forum, held in partnership with the Faculty of Computers and Information. During the forum, several companies will offer job opportunities, and experts in freelancing will help students start their freelancing journey. Moreover, ITI Summer Code-Camps, a program offered to university students, will be announced during the forum.
ITI is the training arm of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). The Institute develops youth capabilities and skills through a diversified set of capacity-building programs and professional advanced coaching.
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