Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
5 June 2022
Egypt Partakes in Generation Connect Global Youth Summit 2022

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), participated in the Generation Connect Global Youth Summit 2022, organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on June 2-4, in Kigali, Rwanda.
MCIT participation is part of its efforts to raise community awareness and develop the capabilities of young Egyptians in digital citizenship and online safety to attain comprehensive sustainable development.
The Summit was in a hybrid format, with physical participation of young people aged 18-29 and virtual engagement of youth aged 15-17.
Egyptian students presented their experience in dealing with cyberspace. They exchanged expertise with their peers worldwide on how to take advantage of modern technologies, the positive and negative impacts of technology on their lives, and how to overcome the challenges faced in the digital world.
MCIT participation was within the framework of the Digital Citizenship Initiative, which was launched to raise youth awareness of the dangers of the Internet, cyberspace, and digital solutions and introduce protection mechanisms against cyber threats, especially those targeting youth, teens, and children. The aim is to create a positive and safe online experience and make the Internet a better place where individuals can use technology responsibly, respectfully, cautiously, and creatively to keep pace with the digital transformation and develop Egyptian society.
The initiative sheds light on the rights and responsibilities in the digital world and develops people’s ability to create and manage online identity. In addition, the initiative is aimed at equipping citizens with the tools needed to protect personal data and prevent risks associated with the digital world.
MCIT, through the initiative, is keen on introducing citizens to digital skills, critical thinking to rate online content and spot fake news, and digital practices, most notably e-commerce and digital economy.
The Summit brought together young leaders, entrepreneurs, social change-makers, engineers, policy specialists, students, and others. Business leaders, influential decision makers, and community advocates also joined the event.
The Summit addressed the digital divide and related topics, including digital skills, gender, climate change, online safety, the future of work, entrepreneurship, digital dependencies, and more. A “Call to Action” document was issued and promoted widely in front of world leaders.
ITU was established in 1865. It is a specialized agency of the United Nations, responsible for all matters related to ICTs, and it is one of the oldest international organizations in operation.
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