Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
6 June 2022
MCIT Partakes in ‘Tawar w Ghayar’ Celebration by Microsoft Egypt

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has participated in the celebration marking the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Tawar w Ghayar (Develop and Change) initiative by Microsoft Egypt. The initiative is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and CARE Egypt Foundation (CEF).

During the celebration, MCIT efforts in investing in human capital have been highlighted. The Ministry provides training, qualification and capacity-building programs, qualifying young people to use modern technologies and developing their digital skills to fill in-demand jobs. MCIT partners up with different state agencies to fulfill Egypt’s Vision 2030 and its human development strategy by launching initiatives that promote technological innovation among youth and boost their competitiveness, especially in the ICT industry.

The celebration has shed light on the progress achieved in the initiative in cooperation with partners. The initiative follows a pragmatic approach that combines training, qualification, capacity-building and employment. Tawar w Ghayar also provides consultation, promotes entrepreneurship, and fosters innovative ideas to hone the digital skills of trainees, serving the national digital transformation strategy.

Furthermore, MCIT carries out a wide range of initiatives to build youth capacities, nurture technological innovation and promote entrepreneurship, helping young people land untraditional jobs in the local and global job market in the most in-demand fields, most notably IT. These initiatives include, among others, Future Work is Digital (FWD), Digital Tomorrow, Digital Egypt Builders Initiative (DEBI), Youth Enablement for Freelancing, and Digital Egypt Cubs Initiative (DECI).

During the celebration, Microsoft has honored the initiative's team for capitalizing on ICT to support and empower young Egyptians and collaborating to realize the objectives of the initiative and achieve sustainable development.

Moreover, MCIT has participated in a workshop organized on the sidelines of the celebration to discuss developing a future plan to carry out more activities within Tawar w Ghayar.

During the workshop, MCIT vision for expanding the scope of the initiative to serve larger numbers of young people nationwide has been highlighted. An inclusive model of training, Tawar w Ghayar helps youth acquire digital and technological know-how and skills and provides them with real opportunities to achieve their career goals, especially in the highly-competitive IT job market.

In addition, the workshop has shed light on the training, mentoring, and career counseling services offered within the initiative to help participants plan their career journey. Tawar w Ghayar’s participants are also introduced to specialized training programs in in-demand skills in the labor market.

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