Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
13 June 2022
ITI Career Expo Kicks off

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is organizing ITI Career Expo on June 12-23 at ITI premises in Smart Village.

ITI Career Expo is aimed at facilitating effective communication in the ICT sector and the job market. Around 70 major companies, institutions, government agencies, and banks are participating in the event, offering more than 2,000 job opportunities to ITI graduates and introducing emerging technologies.

The Career Expo reflects ITI keenness to partner up with some of the world's largest companies to optimize the learning process, helping trainees secure proper jobs that meet their career and financial goals, even before graduating from ITI. This places a real academic value on ITI and enhances its role in matching graduates to jobs in local and global markets.

The event features workshops delivered by 30 speakers and experts from local and international companies, sessions to educate graduates about employment and available job opportunities, and activities explaining the benefits of working in the IT industry.

ITI is one of the training entities affiliated with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). The Institute develops youth capabilities and skills through a diversified set of capacity-building programs and professional advanced coaching.

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