15 June 2022
MCIT Co-Organizes EGSSMI22

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) participated in the Electronic Gates Supporting Small and Medium Industries 2022 (EGSSMI22) conference, co-organized by High Heel Egyptian Entrepreneurs and the Qodwa-Tech initiative of the Central Department for Digital Community Development at MCIT, on June 15.
EGSSMI22 first session highlighted MCIT efforts in supporting the technological infrastructure and raising awareness in an environment conducive to entrepreneurship, helping cope with the digital transformation. Those efforts include launching and adopting national community initiatives to build and develop youth capabilities, establishing more technology parks, supporting startups and small businesses, and promoting technological innovation and entrepreneurship.
Following a presidential directive, MCIT is also helping businesses set up shop as virtual companies, without physical premises, through digital notice. Those efforts have helped improve Egypt’s spot in global indices of communications and digital services to rank high over the past few years.
The session also shed light on the significant role of technology in developing business administration and project management. Technology offers innovative solutions to the challenges that entrepreneurs face, especially in e-commerce, digital marketing, and electronic payment.
The National e-Commerce Strategy was referred to during the session, as well. The Strategy was developed in cooperation between MCIT and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). It entails a set of recommendations that support decision-making policies in key aspects of e-commerce and contribute to overcoming the challenges facing e-commerce in Egypt.
The session stressed the significance of the complementation of objectives of initiatives by government institutions and the private sector to serve citizens and reach small business owners and entrepreneurs.
Furthermore, the session pointed to the cooperation between Qodwa-Tech and High Heel Egyptian Entrepreneurs to benefit more people. The session also presented the concerted efforts aimed at adding more value for beneficiaries, achieving continuous improvement, and disseminating knowledge in areas including entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and small business marketing.
EGSSMI22 addressed five aspects of the work of women entrepreneurs on digital platforms, including online sales, electronic payment services, product storage in a warehouse, product shipping and delivery, and the legal status of small-scale businesses and virtual startups.
The conference agenda featured panels joined by managers of e-commerce platforms where small-scale manufacturing businesses and artisans sell products. The panels dealt with the problems that small business owners and craftswomen face when using e-commerce platforms and proposed solutions.
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