Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
19 June 2022
ITI Partners up with Brightskies to Organize e-Mobility Program

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) has partnered up with Brightskies to organize a training program in the field of electric mobility, with the aim of qualifying young people to specialize in that field and meeting the heightened demand for e-mobility specialists in the job market.

For its first round, the program targets a limited number of graduates from the Faculty of Engineering, Departments of Electrical Power, Electromechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, and Computer Engineering, or holders of an equivalent degree.

The 400-hour training covers several topics, including power electronics, electric vehicle systems and embedded system essentials.

Applicants are assessed in a number of areas, including power electronics, advanced circuit analysis, three-phase circuits, direct current (DC) machines, the fundamentals of embedded systems, programming essentials, data structure, and algorithms.

Applicants must be graduates of the Faculty of Engineering at an Egyptian university and must have scored at least a “good” grade. The call for applications is open for fresh graduates (Classes of 2018-2022). Applicants must also pass all admission tests and personal interviews.

The program is carried out at ITI headquarters in Smart Village.

The deadline for application is June 26. For more information on e-Mobility program, kindly click here. kindly click here.

ITI is one of the training entities affiliated with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT). The Institute develops youth capabilities and skills through a diversified set of capacity-building programs and professional advanced coaching.

Brightskies is a premier provider of high-quality services in the field of advanced computing, automotive services as well as enterprise software solutions. The company’s solutions help meet the needs of the business ecosystem at the ICT sector in Egypt.

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