Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
8 June 2022
MCIT Holds Fundamentals of Digital Citizenship Session in Minya Governorate

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has held a training session on the fundamentals and practical applications of digital citizenship and online safety as well as the strategies of online safety and protection against digital risks. The session has been organized in Minya Governorate, in cooperation with Misr Public Library (MPL).

The session is part of the Digital Citizenship initiative and is within the framework of MCIT strategy for building the Egyptian citizen. The session complements the development projects implemented in different governorates to improve citizens’ lives using ICT.

The training session has lasted ten hours, attended by youth aged 20-30, aiming at raising community awareness of the fundamentals of digital citizenship to qualify youth for the digital transformation and create a generation aware of its digital responsibilities and rights.

The Digital Citizenship initiative targets developing the digital skills of citizens, especially young people, by promoting the safe and responsible use of ICT tools and digital media to keep pace with the digital transformation.

In addition, the initiative aims at encouraging positive online behavior among youth and promoting the safe use of social media. This is along with preparing effective digital citizens aware of their rights, responsibilities, and opportunities to live, learn and work in a digital world that helps people work and innovate in safe, legit and ethical ways. The Digital Citizenship initiative also enables citizens to access and use information, possess the necessary tools of online safety, and manage the risks associated with the digital environment.

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