15 June 2022
MCIT Organizes e-Content Production Training in Aswan

The E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC), affiliated with the Central Department for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), organized an online training program on e-learning content production, from May 29 to mid-June. The program targeted teachers at the Ministry of Education in Aswan Governorate.

The program has been organized within the framework of the “education” pillar of the cooperation agreement signed between MCIT and Aswan Governorate.

The training covered the fundamentals of e-learning, standards of graphic design, articulate storyline, instructional design and learning management system.

ELCC was founded in 2004 in collaboration between MCIT and Cisco Systems. The Center is a leader in the field of e-learning, with a proven track record and extensive experience in organizing in-depth courses in e-learning and e-content production.

ELCC mission is to support Egypt’s overall education reform and entrepreneurship development through the effective use of ICTs, with a special focus on harnessing e-learning technologies and maximizing the potential for collaborative Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).
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