17 July 2022
Egypt Post Best in DX Implementation in Five Services according to UPU Study

The International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) has conducted a study that was discussed during the Administrative Council Plenary as part of the 40th Ordinary Session of Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU) Administrative Council, held on July 12-14 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
The study featured recommendations on 11 best practices of digital financial, postal, and e-commerce services, five of which are provided by Egypt Post. According to the study, Egypt Post is the best in implementing digital transformation in those services.
The study is aimed at developing a roadmap for digital inclusion in Africa through specific recommendations, given the significance of digital services as a tool for promoting e-commerce, financial inclusion, and intra-African trade. The study was conducted on 10 African postal organizations in Egypt, Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar, Benin, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Mauritania and Ghana. It gauges the implementation of digital transformation and the quality of services that those organizations render.
The recommendations highlighted Egypt Post’s successful implementation of digital transformation in five services, including Yalla Super App, Wassalha, UGotBox, government services, the automation of postal services and the payment and collection system.
It is worth noting that Egypt Post has been experiencing a paradigm change at the national and regional fronts after undertaking an overhaul and applying digital transformation and financial inclusion across different operations and services.
According to UPU International Bureau’s study, Egypt Post managed to achieve a successful digital transformation and improve the quality of services. This finding reflects Egypt Post’s huge efforts in rendering high-quality financial, governmental, and postal services; applying financial inclusion and digital transformation in different operations; and introducing a variety of digital channels to facilitate citizens’ access to financial services.
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