7 July 2022
President El-Sisi Opens Digital Egypt Projects

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has opened, via videoconference, a number of Digital Egypt projects implemented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT).
Projects included subsea cables landing stations in Ras Ghareb, Zaafarana and Sidi Kerir; the international data center in Cairo; WE Schools of Applied Technology; and CREATIVA Innovation Hubs. The Egyptian Postal Museum was also reopened after being renovated and modernized.
Moreover, El-Sisi witnessed the official launch of the Digital Egypt Platform, a one-stop shop offering a wide variety of digital government services, allowing citizens to have access to high-quality online services without having to visit service providers.
During the opening ceremony, the ICT Minister Amr Talaat delivered a speech. He presented the strategy of building Digital Egypt and highlighted MCIT efforts to implement that strategy.
Several documentaries on MCIT achievements were screened during Talaat’s speech. One film shed light on MCIT efforts in building Digital Egypt in cooperation with the state institutions.
Another documentary on CREATIVA Innovation Hubs was screened, focusing on the progress made to establish Hubs in different governorates. CREATIVA Innovation Hub at Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace was featured in a film where MCIT role in restoring the ancient Palace was highlighted.
Furthermore, a documentary on Egypt Post was screened during the ceremony, emphasizing Egypt Post’s development journey since its establishment in 1865 and its vital role in serving citizens. The film also outlined the progress achieved, including restructuring post offices, upgrading the infrastructure, and improving service quality.
One film pointed to MCIT capacity-building efforts. It featured prominent training programs and initiatives launched by the Ministry to hone young people’s ICT skills. The programs featured included Egypt Future Work is Digital (Egypt FWD), Digital Egypt Builders Initiative (DEBI), Egypt University of Informatics (EUI), and Digital Egypt Cubs Initiative (DECI).
The ceremony also included a panel discussion where a group of young Egyptians and entrepreneurs, who participated in the training programs offered by MCIT and its affiliates, presented their success stories and experiences.
On the next day, the ICT Minister visited CREATIVA Innovation Hub at Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace and the Egyptian Postal Museum.
In his remarks, Talaat revealed that MCIT started the renovation process of Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace in 2019. The Palace’s restoration is part of a national plan to transform heritage buildings into Innovation Hubs while preserving their architectural character and historical value.
During his visit to the Postal Museum, Talaat referred to the efforts that the Ministry had exerted to refurbish, modernize, and expand the Museum as part of a plan to conserve national heritage assets. The Museum’s renovation is also within the framework of Egypt Post’s overhaul plan.
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