20 July 2022
MCIT Holds Orientation Session on DECI

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) is organizing an online orientation session on the Digital Egypt Cubs Initiative (DECI) on July 20.

Officials from MCIT and DECI team will shed light on the main aspects of the initiative and the concerns of applicants for the first batch. They will explain the screening, selection, and admission processes, and respond to applicants’ inquiries and comments.

DECI is a scholarship launched by MCIT, targeting top-performing students, in Egyptian schools nationwide, from the first year of preparatory school to the second year of secondary school.

The initiative is part of MCIT efforts to equip youngsters with IT skills, helping create young talents with proven competence in emerging technologies and fulfilling the national vision of keeping up with the sciences and requirements of tomorrow’s labor market.

The Ministry, through DECI, aims to train 3,000 school students. Training is carried out in collaboration with national and international agencies specializing in different fields of technology to cover scientific and educational aspects. DECI also involves activities that help develop the students’ soft and leadership skills.

The session is held at 06:00 PM on DECI official Facebook.

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