8 August 2022
MCIT, ASA Conclude Program to Helping ASA Staff to Adapt to Technology

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and the Accountability State Authority (ASA) have concluded a program to help ASA leaders and employees adapt to technology and become more tech-savvy. The program was held during May-July, in collaboration with the Security Institute for Human Development of the Ministry of Interior.
The program is aimed at honing ASA staff’s digital auditing skills and adaption to technology. The program qualifies ASA employees and leaders to adapt to technology in the workplace. It aligns with the national digital transformation projects and efforts exerted to harness available technological tools and face the growing technology-related challenges by promoting safe and effective management of digital work systems and developing digital crisis management skills. The program was provided to five groups with a total of 252 employees of ASA leaders and employees. About 40 ASA officials participated in the first round of the program in January.
The program is within the framework of Digital Egypt strategy and MCIT efforts to build and develop the digital capabilities of employees at the state’s administrative apparatus. It aims to prepare government institutions and employees to adapt to the digital transformation process and ensure its sustainability. The program targets implementing the digital institutional development plan, developing the digital capabilities of employees and work mechanisms, as well as addressing new cyber threats emerging with the rapid technological change.
MCIT and ASA cooperated to build Digital Egypt, optimize the state’s resource utilization, and improve public services rendered to citizens and investors. Furthermore, the auditing work environment has developed due to technological advancements, as it has become necessary to acquire the technological knowledge and skills required to carry out national auditing tasks. 
MCIT is adopting an all-encompassing plan to build and develop the digital capabilities of employees in the State's administrative apparatus and help them adapt to technological advancements. MCIT has, so far, trained most employees and leaders at the state’s administrative apparatus, with a total of 97,558 certificates. The employees relocating to the New Administrative Capital were trained and equipped with the knowledge, culture, and digital skills necessary to keep pace with the new work environment, with a total of 54,857 certificates.
In addition, MCIT organized a range of specialized skill development programs, targeting employees and leaders of information systems and digital transformation units, and handed out 7,455 training certificates. Moreover, employees in governorates, affiliated directorates, and government entities and those not moving to the New Administrative Capital were trained and handed out a total of 32,582 certificates. Employees at the state’s administrative apparatus, who are working on the Decent Life initiative to develop the Egyptian countryside, also received training with a total of 2,664 certificates.
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