Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
17 August 2022
Egypt Post: New Horizons of Digital Transformation

Being an executive arm of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), Egypt Post is one of the longest standing government organizations that serves as a one-stop shop offering a wide variety of public services. Aside from traditional social and postal services such as mail, postage stamps, savings accounts, parcels, and pension disbursement, Egypt Post now delivers high-quality fast and smooth digital services.

For the past few years, Egypt Post has been taking a quantum leap upward in developing services and offices. Staff is upskilled, and financial inclusion and digital transformation are adopted in more than 4,200 post offices nationwide.

Thanks to its vast network of offices, Egypt Post has become a favorite destination for receiving digital government services. These include services of Digital Egypt, civil status, traffic, consular, birth certificates, family records; marriage, divorce, and death certificates, National ID renewal, utility bill payment, pension disbursement, current accounts, money transfer, mail, parcels, and express shipping services, among others.

Reaching currently 4,238 post offices spread across the country, Egypt Post, as part of its expansion plan, has recently opened 238 new post offices and made available 110 mobile ones- vehicles equipped with the latest technologies to provide all kinds of financial, postal, and government services.

Egypt Post has been following a comprehensive plan. Office structure and services are reengineered as part of Egypt Post’s role as a mega outlet for Digital Egypt services and a key pillar of the national financial inclusion strategy.

The overhaul plan is implemented at more than EGP four million. It involves opening and deploying more outlets, including postal kiosks (Bosta Express) and mobile post offices, and introducing new types of postal services.

The digital infrastructure is upgraded and optimized, and state-of-the-art technologies are employed to create a seamless customer experience and keep up with the global advancements of FinTech and e-commerce. Through these developments, Egypt Post seeks to provide postal, financial and governmental services and meet Egyptian citizens' needs, in an efficient, reliable and safe manner and at affordable prices.

Additionally, Egypt Post has been introducing new service categories, including services of financial inclusion, microlending, and Digital Egypt platform. This is in addition to the notarization services, by the Ministry of Justice, which can be obtained through more than 110 offices.

The Organization has also created two innovative applications: Wassalha and Yalla Super App, to promote e-commerce. Mobile post offices were rolled out to help reduce congestion and wait time amid busy days and peak hours. Egypt Post, in addition, is renovating historic post offices while maintaining their character.

Egypt Post is keen on applying advanced technologies and the best digital tools. For this, it introduced the e-payment system to facilitate transactions and help achieve financial inclusion. People, through the system, can pay traffic fines, school fees, housing projects installments, and postal service-related fees, including for shipping parcels and purchasing postage stamps, all through Points of Sale (POS) available in post offices nationwide.

More e-payments solutions such as QR codes and mobile applications are to be introduced. The aim is to facilitate shopping and promote e-commerce in line with the national efforts to attain financial inclusion and better serve citizens.

In an effort to build a safe and accessible digital economy to facilitate citizens’ access to government services, MCIT, Egypt Post, and the Secured and Smart Documents Complex joined forces to create the “citizen single card,” which can be used to pay for government and other services. The card is a significant step on the journey to financial inclusion and the transition to a cashless society.

The role of Egypt Post includes issuing the card and managing its lifecycle, the POS network, related applications, card uses, and e-payment transactions. It is also responsible for delivering the cards to citizens and providing support through the hotline 16789.

Egypt Post has been forging ahead with its ambitious plan, hard work, optimal investment of assets, automation of operations, introduction of modern technologies and advanced solutions, and application of digital transformation and financial inclusion. Those efforts helped improve the quality of services and optimize work performance.

Furthermore, the Organization has been keen on investing in human capital. Personnel are trained and upskilled through a continuous capacity-building process, which helped Egypt Post retain its leading position in the Egyptian market and win back people’s trust, thus maximizing profits and achieving a breakthrough.

Egypt Post attaches high priority to digital empowerment. It has adopted digital transformation as a main plank in its strategies to fulfill its national role of running and developing postal operations. Egypt Post’s future vision is to become a mega outlet for high-quality digital government services and serve Egyptians nationwide.

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