30 August 2022
'National Initiative for Green Smart Projects in Governorates' Kicks off

The "National Initiative for Green Smart Projects in Governorates" has been launched by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), the Ministry of Local Development, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of International Cooperation, and the National Council for Women. It is a flagship project directed toward attaining sustainable and smart development and addressing the environmental dimension and effects of climate change.
The initiative has been launched as part of the intensive national efforts to host and chair the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27). It builds on the efforts made to achieve sustainable development, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030, by safeguarding the environment to improve the quality of life and protect the rights of future generations. The initiative is also implemented within the framework of the National Climate Change Strategy 2050.
The initiative's objectives include focusing on real-life implementation and application of green projects, and stressing the need to address the environmental dimension and climate change in light of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and digital transformation by carrying out projects fulfilling of those goals.
The initiative, in addition, is oriented toward creating a governorate-level map for green and smart projects, connecting them with funding agencies, and attracting local and foreign investors; and capitalizing on ICT to forge ahead with the national digital transformation plan.
Other objectives include supporting Egyptian governorates, reaching people of different groups and in different parts of the country, raising awareness of climate change and the power of modern technology, empowering women in facing climate change and environmental issues, and inviting all segments of society to contribute to the national efforts in mitigating the negative impact of climate change and environmental challenges.
The initiative targets green smart projects, based on six categories:
- Large projects
- Medium-sized projects
- Small-scale domestic projects (implemented within Decent Life Initiative)
- Start-ups’ projects
- Not-for-profit community initiatives and activities
- Gender-related and climate change- and sustainability-focused projects
The initiative is undertaken by a number of committees. The National Jury decides on the winning projects. Members of the Jury include the UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for COP27 in Egypt Mahmoud Mohieldin, Ambassador Permanent Representative of Egypt to the UN Office and coordinator of the initiative Hisham Badr, senior officials, and experts.
Eligible companies, individuals, and institutions are invited to apply for the initiative. The project must be green and smart, following the evaluation criteria for each category, and must be submitted in the right category, based on the size and nature of work of the applicant (not-for-profit/gender-related). In addition, the project, one of its phases, or a prototype must have already been implemented; be implementable and meets urgent needs in the governorate; or incorporates an innovative element. The project also must be within the borders of the governorate where it was submitted
From each governorate, six projects will be selected based on the categories of the initiative and certain criteria. Three projects will then be selected in each category, making a total of 18 projects nationwide. Winners will be announced during COP27, held in November in Sharm El Sheikh.
The role of MCIT involves setting the selection criteria for smart projects and co-organizing sessions in 27 governorates to introduce investors and entrepreneurs to smart projects, their objectives, and the requirements the projects should meet to qualify for the initiative. In addition, MCIT will promote the initiative among members of the IT community, explain the initiative’s categories and terms at CREATIVA Innovation Hubs, and be part of the committee that reviews the projects within governorates.
Partners of the initiatives include all Egyptian governorates, ministries, the private sector, industries federations, chambers of commerce, investor associations, unions, and funding agencies.
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