Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
31 August 2022
MCIT Summer Training Program Concludes

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has concluded the summer training program in telecommunications infrastructure and cybersecurity. The program has been carried out by the Department of Information Systems and Digital Transformation at MCIT, targeting students at the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Computers and Information at Egyptian universities.
The training introduced students to the essential skills for today’s labor market and in-demand jobs in the ICT sector. Trainees, through the program, had their skills honed in the top technologies of the future, and they gained professional expertise and practical experience to keep up with the latest advancements in technology.
The program was organized within the framework of MCIT capacity-building strategy, in line with the national vision of human development. The strategy was developed to empower and qualify young Egyptians to undertake Digital Egypt projects, create better jobs, and help youth gain a competitive edge in regional and global markets.
About 107 students in different years at national and private universities joined the training program. Experts from the Department of Information Systems and Digital Transformation delivered the training.
The five-week program featured different training tracks in highly in-demand ICT specializations, including telecommunications infrastructure, cybersecurity, data center management, data analysis, application development, and unified communications.
The program involved hands-on practice on modern tools and equipment used in the work environment, equipping trainees with the skills needed to access the job market. Successful participants received certificates of completion from MCIT, and top performers were selected to join a more advanced course.
It is worth noting that MCIT has set a target to train 225,000 young people this fiscal year, at EGP1.3 billion. MCIT is implementing its capacity-building strategy following a pyramid approach that starts with providing basic training to better help youth find jobs. Moving up the levels, MCIT offers in-depth programs to empower trainees to work in the ICT sector. More advanced courses are then provided, qualifying young people to specialize in modern technology fields.
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