15 August 2022
MCIT Promotes Digital Citizenship in Assiut Governorate

The Central Department of Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has organized a session on the essentials of digital citizenship and online safety. The session was held on the margins of the Leaders Preparation Program at Assiut University.
The session was within the framework of the Digital Citizenship Initiative and as part of the activities included in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between MCIT and Assiut Governorate on achieving societal development using IT.
The session provided a deep understanding of the principles of digital citizenship, how to promote the safe and effective use of technology, especially among adolescents and children, and ways to enhance online safety. Participants were introduced to digital footprint and critical thinking, and learned how to combat cyberbullying against children, adolescents, and women. Moreover, the session explained how one can manage screen time and protect their digital identity to stay safe online.
MCIT has been making unremitting efforts to enhance online protection. It launched the Digital Citizenship Initiative to foster the safe and effective use of technology, especially for children and adolescents, and help people stay safe on the Internet, particularly on social media.
The Ministry also collaborates with local and global partners to promote child online protection and organizes sessions to raise awareness of online risks and ways to combat them, build people’s digital skills, prevent cyberviolence and cybercrime, and promote the use of Internet security software to create a safe cyberspace.
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