Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
25 August 2022
MCIT Organizes Women Leadership, e-Content Programs within Qodwa-Tech

The Central Department for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) organized a training program in web conferencing, freelancing skills, and e-content development, on July 24- August 11. The program was part of the ongoing activities of Qodwa-Tech Initiative for empowering women.
The program targeted women entrepreneurs who joined the initiative and were selected in 2020 and 2021 to share their experience with other women and promote the initiative among the largest number possible of female artisans and entrepreneurs.
Trainees, through the program, were qualified to use web conferencing tools, moderate online meetings, and explore different video conferencing platforms. The program empowered the ladies to utilize web conferencing tools, create accounts on freelancing platforms, and employ their skills to grow business and achieve profitability.
In a similar vein, the E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC) of the Central Department for Digital Community Development organized a training course in e-content production, on August 15-24, as part of Qodwa-Tech.
Female entrepreneurs of Qodwa-Tech, from Classes of 2020 and 2021, joined the course. The training explained why e-content is a powerful tool, and trainees were educated on how to produce e-content, find target audience, write clear and measurable learning objectives, and create a course outline. Moreover, the course provided a guide to content types and to scripting educational videos to ensure a smooth production process and inspire target audience to learn more.
Qodwa-Tech was launched with the aim to leverage ICT to achieve social and economic empowerment of women nationwide, particularly those in remote and marginalized areas and in the informal economy. The initiative involves training activities that help female entrepreneurs and artisans develop skills in digital marketing, e-commerce, and entrepreneurship. Women, through the initiative, are empowered to cope with the digital transformation, access and compete in online markets, increase profitability, and scale their projects.
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