19 September 2022
Egypt Post, SAP Sign Agreement to Establish Integrated System for Cloud Computing Applications

Egypt Post has signed an agreement with SAP SE to create an edition of the “RISE with SAP” local cloud services system to assimilate and develop cloud computing applications in line with the latest global systems in managing postal authorities and global institutions.
Within the framework of Egypt Post’s endeavor to apply the best technological solutions to all services and transactions, the agreement is a culmination of the ongoing cooperation and strategic partnership between Egypt Post and SAP, using advanced technology and all-encompassing digital solutions to facilitate and secure internal and external transactions.
The agreement aims to create an environment to host cloud computing applications in Egypt Post data center and develop and configure existing applications to benefit from new features and modern technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems. It also aims to achieve integration with all other applications of Egypt Post, especially banking applications to provide an integrated vision. This is in addition to studying, analyzing and developing current work processes practically, and automating the steps of some work processes. This would raise work efficiency and reduce the cost of processes, along with enhancing the capability to accelerate the appropriate decision-making based on fast and authenticated information.
Egypt Post is the first postal organization in the Middle East and Southern Europe and the first Egyptian government entity that uses SAP cloud computing applications to provide its applications to the employees of Egypt Post offices and to citizens.
Experiencing a paradigm shift and a technological breakthrough, the agreement is aimed at transforming the current work environment into the latest global technological editions of the SAP RISE system as an integrated solution, by using cloud application technology and licenses of SAP Signavio. SAP Signavio provides all-encompassing solutions, including designing, authenticating, and modeling processes and renewing their interconnection to improve and enhance performance.
The relationship between Egypt Post and SAP constitutes a strategic one that seeks to upskill employees of Egypt Post technically, in collaboration with its officials. Furthermore, the agreement is a model for technical support provided by SAP for Egypt Post’s comprehensive development, which allows it to develop work performance and the currently provided services; foster innovation in providing these services; and develop new future services.
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