16 October 2022
Qodwa-Tech, Egypt Post Co-organize Digital Photography Training Sessions for Women Entrepreneurs

A series of training sessions are organized in collaboration with Egypt Post, covering the fundamentals of digital photography for women entrepreneurs, owners of small-scale projects, in different governorates. The sessions are part of the ongoing activities of the Qodwa-Tech initiative for empowering women.
The sessions have been tailored to the needs of women entrepreneurs. The training helps develop women’s skills and empowers them to keep up with the advancements in technology and harness ICT tools and solutions. Women entrepreneurs, through the sessions, gain excellent opportunities and acquire advanced marketing skills to promote their products. The training sessions are in line with the national efforts to achieve digital transformation.
The sessions include a presentation on MCIT and Egypt Post’s efforts within the framework of Qodwa-Tech to empower Egyptian women and develop their skills, especially in digital marketing and e-commerce. The sessions explain how women entrepreneurs can take advantage of the digital financial services that Egypt Post offers.
During the training, Egypt Post announced organizing a new competition that targets Qodwa-Tech’s top participants. The aim is to promote innovation among women and create unprecedented opportunities in digital marketing.
The sessions introduce the range of postal and logistic services (shipping and delivery) provided by Egypt Post, helping women market their products and ship inside and outside Egypt at competitive rates. Services include Wassalha, an online courier service that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and geospatial technology to serve e-commerce customers (merchants and buyers). Another service is WIN loyalty program, which offers a variety of financial services, helping promote the use of e-payment methods.
Egypt Post also developed Yalla Super App, offering different financial and non-financial services to individuals, merchants, and corporates and making money collection and payment easier and more effective. Moreover, the sessions provide an introduction to Tamweely Microfinance. It serves to empower small business owners, youth, and female entrepreneurs as they run their projects.
It is worth noting that Egypt Post provides broad-ranging financial and postal services in line with the national vision of achieving digital financial inclusion for small business owners and early-stage entrepreneurs.
Qodwa-Tech, on the other hand, offers training programs, sessions, and workshops to develop women’s skills and meet their needs, helping them access the online job marketplace and have unparalleled opportunities in the digital world.
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