3 October 2022
NTRA Releases Web Apps Use Statistics within 24 Hours in Summer 2022

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has released statistics on the use of web applications within 24 hours in Summer 2022.

NTRA conducted a year-over-year (YoY) comparison that shows that the usage rate of mobile Internet services rose by 46%, with the number of mobile Internet users reaching 9.4 million. Fixed Internet services increased 32%, as the number of users hit 904,000.

The YoY comparison covered several aspects, including short videos, e-mails, web maps, entertainment, online shopping, Internet browsing, downloads, social media platforms, search engines, e-gaming, online chat, live streaming, and virtual meetings.

Moreover, NTRA measured the use of My NTRA, an interactive mobile application. This included the number of downloads of the application on mobile phones; My Numbers, a service that allows users to explore the list of mobile lines registered in their names at each mobile network operator (MNO); My Wallets, through which users can check the e-wallets registered in their names across the four MNOs as well as banks; and the Complaints section where users can file complaints to NTRA against operators in case their issues had not been resolved. Users, through the Complaints section, can also track their complaints.

The Authority also calculated the amounts refunded to users after their eligibility had been proven for the complaints filed through Call Center 155, WhatsApp, My NTRA, the e-portal, and email. The highest number of complaints were related to billing, value-added services (VAS) subscriptions without user consent, and e-wallets.

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