Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
19 October 2022
MCIT Organizes eLearning Training Courses in Different Governorates

The E-Learning Competence Center (ELCC), affiliated with the Central Department for Digital Community Development at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), has organized several training courses in a number of governorates, during September and October.
In Aswan Governorate, ELCC held three training sessions on “Uses of educational technology tools in education,” provided to teachers of the Education Directorate in Aswan, on September 25-28. The sessions were organized within the framework of the cooperation agreement signed between MCIT and Aswan Governorate. The aim is to train teachers to produce interactive e-lessons on the e-learning management system (eLMS), and promote e-learning and the role of using ICT tools in education.
In Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate, a session was held on October 11 to present success stories of training teachers at technical school on secretarial and warehouse management skills. The training was held last year within the framework of the pillar of supporting and developing youth capabilities and skills in Egyptian governorates using ICT, as part the cooperation protocol between MCIT and Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.
The objective of the protocol is to achieve societal development through training and equipping young people with modern technological knowledge and skills as well as trends that fulfill the needs of the freelance market, using modern technological applications, tools, and programs.
Moreover, ELCC carried out a training program in the fundamentals of e-learning, on October 10-19, targeting faculty members at Beni Suef University. The program was within the framework of the cooperation agreement between MCIT and Beni Suef Governorate.
The Center also held the IT Essentials Training of Trainers (TOT) program, on September 4- October 13, online. A number of trainers from different governorates were trained on Cisco Networking Academy programs.
The training activities reflect MCIT constant and continuous endeavor to enhance youth employability and promote e-learning.
ELCC was founded in 2004 in collaboration between MCIT and Cisco Systems. The Center is a leader in the field of e-learning, with a proven track record and extensive experience in organizing in-depth courses in e-learning and e-content production.

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