25 October 2022
ITIDA Announces 21 Egyptian IT Companies Selected for CBI Export Coaching Program

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has announced that 21 Egypt-based IT companies have been qualified for the Export Coaching Program by the Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries (CBI) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The companies successfully passed the review stages of the selection process conducted by CBI. They were, accordingly, selected to join the Export Coaching Program, which targets Egyptian IT Outsourcing (ITO) small and medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).
The program is within the framework of the agreement between CBI and ITIDA, in collaboration with the Chamber of Information Technology and Communications (CIT), the Egyptian Information, Telecommunications, Electronics and Software Alliance (EiTESAL), and Nile University (NU).
The Export Coaching Program is aimed at boosting IT exports, products and services such as software and mobile applications, to European markets by offering ITO companies technical assistance and practical business export coaching.
During the three-year program, international and local experts will coach and assist the companies to devise market entry strategies. In addition, guidance and advice on certification types relevant to their strategies will be provided as part of the program.
CBI, through its ITO-focused program, will help the companies enhance their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans, and it will provide market orientation support and export business opportunities.
Most project costs are covered by CBI. The companies will only bear travel expenses and pay for European market entry activities and investment in product offers and certification.
The list of selected companies includes:

- The list of selected companies includes:
- Pharos Solutions
- eSpace Software Development
- Marketeers Research
- Edge Pro
- YOUXEL Technology
- Webkeyz
- egabi Solutions
- Robusta Studio
- Brightskies Technologies
- Cyber Force
- TurnDigital
- Appsinnovate
- 700Apps
- Silicon Mind
- Raye7
- eVision
- SmartTech Systems
- Worex Technology
- Optomatica
- Data Gear

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