26 October 2022
New Training Program for Youth Kicked off within Digital Citizenship Initiative

A training program for building the capabilities of youth on the basic skills and practical applications of digital citizenship as well as strategies of online safety and protection against digital risks was organized in cooperation with Misr Public Library (MPL) in Dokki, on October 23-24.
The training program came as part of the Digital Citizenship initiative. It lasted for ten hours for two days, and was attended by youth aged 18-30.
The program was aimed at raising awareness of the concept and various pillars of digital citizenship. It also discussed means of online protection against digital risks, by digitally upskilling youth to safely use the Internet.
The program was organized as part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) efforts to raise community awareness of digital citizenship and online safety, build the skills of young people and adolescents in both fields, promote the safe and positive use of technology, and qualify youth for the digital transformation process.
For years, MCIT has been working with local and international partners to develop measures to protect young people and children online by raising awareness of the dangers associated with the use of the Internet—especially social media. This is in addition to combating violence and cybercrime, promoting the use of safety programs, and working to promote online safety. Accordingly, the Digital Citizenship initiative has been launched to promote the safe and effective use of technology, especially for children and youth, and to introduce ways to stay safe online by raising awareness and creating a safe cyberspace.
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