Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
6 November 2022
MCIT, Private Sector Discuss ‘Role of Technology in Decreasing Carbon Emissions’

‘Role of Technology in Decreasing Carbon Emissions; Moving towards Sustainable Digital Economy’

As part of the agenda of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27) in Sharm El Sheikh, a roundtable is held on November 9, discussing “The Role of Technology in Decreasing Carbon Emissions and Moving Towards a Sustainable Digital Economy.” The session is organized within the framework of the Finance Day, at 04:00-05:00 PM at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCI) Pavilion in the Green Zone. The session will be streamed online via:
The session will be joined by officials from MCIT and the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), as well as representatives of a number of companies, including Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and Honeywell.
Topics on the agenda of the roundtable include the role of technology in protecting the environment and reducing carbon emissions, the need to a strong leadership by the business community to ensure a responsible and sustainable usage of technology, and how deploying digital technologies can help make the world more livable and sustainable.
Moreover, the session will highlight mechanisms for protecting the planet from degradation, including by maintaining sustainable consumption and production, managing natural resources rationally, and taking urgent action on climate change.
Representatives of the private sector will introduce their strategies for sustainability, present how their companies are driving an inclusive and sustainable digital economy, and discuss the digital solutions that can help reduce carbon emissions.
Other topics explored will include energy savings in data centers; supply chain and helping partners create an eco-system; public-private partnerships (PPPs) in this area; and the role of digital technologies in driving positive change.
COP 27 takes place on November 6-18 in Sharm El Sheikh City. Hosting COP 27, Egypt is ramping up initiatives designed to improve the country’s environmental credentials, and speed up its transition to a low carbon economy. Egypt's COP 27 presidency vision is to move from negotiations and planning to implementation, with a clear recognition of the gravity of the global climate challenge and appreciation of the value of multilateral, collective and concerted action as the only means to address this global threat.
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