7 November 2022
COP 27 Discusses ‘How GovTech Programmes Transform Government’

‘How GovTech Programmes are Transforming Government’

A session titled “How GovTech Programmes are Transforming Government” is held on November 11, as part of the agenda of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 27). The session takes place at 02:00-03:30 PM at MCIT Pavilion in the Green Zone, within the framework of the Decarbonization Day. The session will be streamed online via: https://zoom.us/j/94752670474.

Organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) together with the CivTech Alliance, the session will dive into the role of in-house innovation teams and programmes such as Lithuania’s GovTech Lab, Scotland’s CivTech Alliance, and Egypt’s AIC, in developing entrepreneurial ecosystems and bridging the gap between public and private sectors. The lineup of speakers includes officials from MCIT Applied Innovation Center (AIC), CivTech Scotland, and GovTech Lab Lithuania.

The session will also explore how innovation teams provide the necessary scaffolding to support not only innovative companies navigate the vagaries of the public sector, but also help public sector organizations realize the full benefits of working with smaller, more agile, more innovative companies.

In addition, the event will highlight how such global networks are driving the GovTech agenda within their own countries – that puts them in a place of influence and reach, and will shed light on their role in harnessing technologies to deliver better outcomes for citizens and economic development opportunities.

Along with case studies in public-private sector collaboration, success stories of companies that have scaled thanks to GovTech teams will be shared during the session.

Held on November 6-18 in Sharm El-Sheikh, COP 27 is a golden opportunity to promote worldwide climate action and unify the demands of African and developing countries, particularly when it comes to issues of adaptation to the effects of climate change. Egypt’s COP 27 presidency program involves a number of thematic days that will offer a venue for panel discussions, roundtables and side events on the margins of the official negotiations.

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