8 November 2022
Egypt Post Participates in COP 27; Issues Commemorative Postage Stamp

Egypt Post has participated in the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference (COP 27), hosted in Sharm El Sheikh, on November 6-18.
Around 197 countries have attended and participated in COP 27. World leaders, high-level UN officials, and environmental activists worldwide have participated in this international event, which Egypt is hosting.

During COP 27 sessions, Egypt Post will present its strategic plan for preserving the environment and reducing carbon emissions resulting from postal operations through several immediate steps. These steps include using electric-powered vehicles to deliver postal parcels as an alternative to fuel-powered vehicles. Egypt Post will also present the projects that have been implemented and powered by green energy, such as various post offices, as well as the opened administrative and archaeological buildings.

The services provided by Egypt Post come within its strategy to protect the environment and reduce emissions, including the registered mail service, which ensures the protection of the environment and the transition to a digital system based on data exchange.

Through its pavilion at COP 27, Egypt Post will display the services and technical solutions it provided based on modern technologies to reduce carbon emissions, such as “Wassalha” and “Yalla Super App”. It will also offer a virtual tour for the first time inside the Egyptian Postal Museum for delegates participating in COP 27. A detailed explanation of all the museum’s collections delivered in English, enabling the delegates to visit the museum virtually and view all its collections, is included during the tour.

Egypt’s interest in confronting climate change and reducing its effects is emphasized during COP 27. The Conference reflects the international community’s full confidence in Egypt’s capabilities to host this significant international event to confront climate change and its effects, launch initiatives within COP 27 sessions, and underline influential regional and international situations to recommend practical results that make the Conference a milestone in the international community’s response to climate change, which threatens all humanity.

Thus, Egypt Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp featuring COP 27 logo and title to commemorate this significant event. The stamp is sold for EGP 10.

The commemorative stamp features a QR code that, when scanned, enables stamp collectors to collect stamp-related information and learn about the occasion in a creative and appealing way. The stamp is issued in Arabic and French and is linked to Egypt Stamps website. This comes as part of the comprehensive development plan that Egypt Post is currently witnessing. The plan is aimed at implementing digital transformation in all departments, sectors, and provided services.
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