21 November 2022
ITI, AWS Partner up in ‘AI-Pro’ to Empower Young Techies

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is organizing the Artificial Intelligence Professional Program (AI Pro) postgraduate diploma, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Academy, AWS Training and Certification, and AWS Education Programs.
The program helps equip learners with skills and certifications in AI, machine learning (ML) and cloud computing, preparing them for industry-recognized certifications and in-demand, entry-level cloud computing jobs around the world.
AI-Pro kicked off in April 2021, attracting 1,000 learners so far. ITI used AWS Academy and resources from AWS Education Programs to provide course materials related to the AI/ML fields of study. Students have access to long-running hands-on lab environments through AWS Academy Learner Labs.
It is worth mentioning that ITI collaborated with the École Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées (EPITA) to train its instructors to deliver the AI-Pro diploma program.
ITI is looking to add more educational fields and degree tracks to its use of AWS Academy beyond AI and ML. It is specifically interested in adding cybersecurity and natural language processing (NLP) diploma programs to be supported by AWS Academy. ITI also intends to increase its number of educators holding AWS Certification to accommodate the expansion into different areas of expertise.
Established in 1993, ITI is a leading training institute that offers a wide variety of capacity-building programs and training courses to university students and graduates in 11 premises across the country. ITI services help equip youth with in-demand skills and empower them to land job opportunities and international certifications.
For information on AI-Pro, kindly click here.
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