1 December 2022
Egypt Partakes in Africa Telehealth Conference 2022

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), is participating in the second Africa Telehealth Conference, held on November 30- December 1, in Cairo, under the theme “Establish Strategies and Partnerships”. The Conference is organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) and in partnership with the General Authority for Healthcare Accreditation and Regulation (GAHAR).
The Advisor to the ICT Minister for Digital Community Development has delivered a speech during the opening session, highlighting that Egypt attaches high priority to the healthcare system and works to develop it using innovative technological solutions, as part of its national digital transformation plan. Using telemedicine applications to improve healthcare in Egypt and the region and rendering high quality medical services to citizens is very significant.
The speech also tackled the phases of the Egyptian telemedicine project, the challenges that were faced during the pilot phase, and the technological tools used in the initial phase in remote areas. To overcome those challenges, a work model was developed to better connect service providers with patients in those areas.
Health units in underprivileged areas were connected with central units in major university hospitals to facilitate patients’ access to high quality medical services by consultant physicians, overcoming distance barriers. Building on those efforts, the telemedicine presidential initiative was launched in 2019 in collaboration among MCIT, MoHP, and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to offer sustainable telemedicine services on a broader scale.
In a fireside chat covering the topic “What do telecom operators need to make telehealth accessible and comprehensive”, MCIT representative discussed the role of start-ups in developing innovative solutions to promote telemedicine and stressed the need for providing government support to high-potential heath tech start-ups.
MCIT provides the necessary infrastructure, Internet access, technical assistance, and secure networks, helping deliver the optimal experience and provide African nations an exemplary model to apply.
It is noteworthy that telemedicine can have an effective role, including in regulating medical products, monitoring the quality of pharmaceuticals, developing databases, and enabling the provision of healthcare services from home for people with chronic diseases.
Africa Telehealth Conference 2022 addresses the opportunities and challenges in developing digital healthcare across Egypt and Africa, showcasing best practices and ideas for establishing sustainable, viable and responsive health systems. Egypt strives to share its experience with brotherly African countries through strategic partnerships aimed at boosting efficacy and catering to African people’s medical needs.
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