5 December 2022
Egypt Post Teams up with Khazna to Better Serve Pensioners

Egypt Post and Khazna have signed a cooperation agreement to serve pensioners through Khazna mobile application, in collaboration with Prime Business Consulting which provided the project’s theoretical and methodological frameworks.
This step reflects Egypt Post’s keenness to improve the quality of postal, financial and governmental services and introduce new ones to meet citizens’ needs. It also reflects Egypt Post’s efforts in supporting the adoption of digital transformation and financial inclusion in Egypt.
Under the agreement, pensioners can receive three times the value of their pension through Khazna App and repay in up to 12 installments at 4,300+ post offices, helping avail the largest number possible of citizens of the service.
This service is offered by Egypt Post to enable pensioners in urban and rural areas to receive advance payments to cover emergencies, unforeseen circumstances and hardships.
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