2 February 2023
ITI Powers ‘Designed in Egypt’ Initiative

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is contributing to the “Designed in Egypt” initiative by carrying out workshops and sessions. ITI graduates have the opportunity to join the initiative without qualifiers, and they can also submit their graduation projects.

The initiative aims to bring forth the design value and capabilities of local designers and manufacturers back to its distinctive renowned status. It is the first lead towards reviving the “Proudly made in Egypt” value as a spark ready to ignite Egyptian design engines once more. “Designed in Egypt” is an effective way to stimulate growth in both the Egyptian design and small businesses communities at different levels by bridging the gap between subject-matter experts and younger generations of designers and helping them create promising start-ups.

This year’s edition of “Designed in Egypt” is targeting Tahta in Sohag, as part of the Tahta Furniture Cluster Design Competition (TFCDC), launched by the World Bank to advance the City’s economic development. TFCDC is leading a fast-paced eight week sprint to host and bring together 200+ young yet rising stars designers, as well as world-class speakers, experts and mentors.

Objectives of the competition include empowering young designers, reaching out to like-minded people in Upper Egypt, supporting small-sized furniture manufacturers in Tahta, creating 50 unique designs, incubating 10 exceptional products, and helping establish 10 new startups in the furniture space in Egypt.

The deadline for applying for the competition is February 10. To apply, kindly click here.

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