2 March 2023
Registration for Safe Digital Society Initiative Opens

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has announced opening registration for the Safe Digital Society initiative, in collaboration with Cisco. The Initiative is provided to youth, students, graduates, employees in the state’s administrative apparatus, and those interested in networks.
The Safe Digital Society initiative comes as part of Digital Egypt strategy and within the framework of MCIT initiatives to raise awareness of IT and promote digital literacy among Internet, digital application and social media users. It aims to develop people’s knowledge and skills to face emerging cyber threats.
The initiative also targets students of the faculties of computer sciences, systems, and engineering, postgraduate students, and those interested in smart cities, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and data analysis. It provides a range of learning tools through the self-study technique on Cisco Networking Academy’s platform. Trainees can enroll in more than one of the following tracks: Get-Connected; Introduction to Cybersecurity; Cybersecurity Essentials; Networking Essentials; IT Essentials; Programming Essentials in Python; Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT); IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things; and IoT Fundamentals: Big Data and Analytics.
After completing the training, trainees acquire a range of skills, including learning communication basic skills and techniques, network security basic skills, and how to protect personal data and maintain privacy on the Internet and social media; performing verification and network troubleshooting; connecting to the Internet; and installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computers and mobile devices.
This is in addition to understanding software development through learning the basics of Python programming, and IoT technologies and their role in linking IT and operating systems; developing ideas; designing and troubleshooting prototypes; visualizing, revising, changing, and merging data sets; learning the basics of Big Data systems; and developing distance learning skills.
Participants, who pass the qualifying exams on Cisco Networking Academy’s platform, receive international certificates from MCIT and Cisco.
For more information and registration, kindly click here.
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