Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
2 March 2023
MCIT, AWS Launch CDO Program

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), has launched the Chief Data Officer (CDO) program. The program aims to qualify candidates from ministries’ officials and employees to undertake CDO duties.
CDO program is part of MCIT efforts to implement Digital Egypt strategy and achieve sustainable digital operational excellence within the state's administrative apparatus.
The program aims to train ministries’ officials and employees to adapt to and use emerging technologies, including big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in collecting, integrating, circulating, processing, and analyzing data to achieve digital transformation and ensure its sustainability. It targets implementing the digital institutional development plan, developing work mechanisms using modern technology, supporting decision-makers, enhancing government performance to provide distinguished services, and improving resource optimization.
The program includes a range of basic knowledge and skills to prepare calibers for developing and managing data and information strategies, and ensuring providing an integrated vision to link the strategic information and data system plan of each ministry with the national plan nationwide.
MCIT is adopting a comprehensive plan to build and develop the digital capabilities of IT specialist and non-specialist officials and employees at the state's administrative apparatus and help them adapt to technological advancements and emerging digital technologies.
MCIT has, so far, trained most employees and officials at the state’s administrative apparatus, with a total of 116,264 certificates. The employees relocating to the New Administrative Capital have been also trained, with a total of 61,504 certificates. In addition, MCIT has organized a range of specialized skill development programs, targeting employees and leaders of information systems and digital transformation units, and handed out 8,746 training certificates.
Employees in governorates, subordinate directorates, and government entities and those not moving to the New Administrative Capital have been trained and handed out a total of 40,262 certificates. From the state’s administrative apparatus, employees working on the Decent Life initiative for developing the Egyptian countryside, have also received training, with a total of 5,752 certificates.
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