19 March 2023
Egypt Post, UPU Organize Workshop on Remuneration System

Egypt Post organized a workshop on the remuneration system, in collaboration with the International Bureau (IB) of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), on March 15-16, at the National Training Academy (NTA), within the framework of the UPU regional development plan (RDP) to build capacities of Arab postal operators.
Organizing the workshop reflects Egypt Post’s efforts to implement the UPU Strategy, which aims at building the capacities of postal operators and supporting IB regional events and activities aiming at achieving interdependence and integration among UPU postal operators.
The workshop also aims to build the capacities of postal operators and apply a fair remuneration system commensurate with the provided services. Furthermore, international experts in remuneration participated in the workshop. The workshop delved into several general topics related to the UPU remuneration system, including the optional and mandatory system for terminal dues and accounting, and the e-commerce program: specifications, prices, and accounting systems for parcels.
Through these workshops, Egypt Post is developing insights on developing an integrated remuneration plan to simplify remuneration systems, and create a unified remuneration system. This is in addition to reviewing the remuneration of basic services, especially the methodologies determining remuneration to achieve more competitive and fair cost-based remuneration while maintaining the quality of services.

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