Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
19 April 2023
ITIDA Launches Q4E Program to Boost Employment in Electronics Design

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has launched the Qualifying for Employment (Q4E) program, in cooperation with the companies specialized in designing, developing, and producing semiconductors and embedded systems to expand the talent pool and develop the skills needed for local and multinational companies specialized in these fields.
The program is within the framework of Egypt Makes Electronics (EME), an initiative launched in 2018 under the auspices of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to position the electronics industry as a key driver of economic growth.
Q4E is designed primarily to fit the hiring needs and skills demand in areas of electronics design, R&D, semiconductors manufacturing, and embedded systems.
Through the program, ITIDA aims to bridge the skills gap between demand and supply. The Agency seeks to encourage electronics design companies to expand their business and operations in Egypt, as well as to attract more investment and enterprises to the Egyptian market, create more job opportunities in the IT sector, and ultimately increase Egypt’s digital exports, which hit $4.9 billion in 2022.
ITIDA co-funds the program expenses, whether implemented directly by the companies or through the training providers. The co-funding amount is decided based on the employment percentage.
The target audience includes companies specializing in the design, development, and production of semiconductors and embedded systems (local and MNCs operating in Egypt), training providers, and a consortium of members: companies and training providers.
In light of its many competitive advantages, Egypt has become a favorable destination for establishing centers for exporting electronics design services, embedded systems, and value-added services. The Egyptian market has more than 15 international and 40 national companies specialized in electronics design, embedded systems, integrated circuit (IC) design, semiconductors, and electronic design automation (EDA), operating and exporting services.
Electronics design is gaining traction in Egypt, with steady growth boosted by the maturity, abundance of talent, and skilled local engineers. Last September, the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA), a leading industry organization, launched a new chapter, “GSA Egypt” to strengthen and expand the semiconductor industry and ecosystem. Leading multinationals are already hosting their global R&D offices and centers in Egypt, including STMicroelectronics, Siemens EDA, Mixel, ADI, GoodiX, TeLink, Valeo, T&S, Luxoft, MediaTeck, and eInfochips. 
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