Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
10 May 2023
Creativa Hosts Microsoft Skills Lab Workshops

Creativa Innovation Hubs are hosting Microsoft Skills Lab Workshops, a series of in-depth workshops delivered by the tech giant’s experts. The first workshop, “Cloud Core Concepts and Microsoft Azure Fundamentals,” is organized on May 13 at Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace in Cairo.
The workshop will provide a deep understanding of cloud computing and Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform run by Microsoft, offering access, management, and development of applications and services through global data centers. Expert speakers will guide learners through the core concepts of cloud computing and explain how Microsoft Azure provides such service. Topics covered include descriptions of cloud concepts, Azure architecture and services, and Azure management and governance.
Creativa Innovation Hubs is a national project undertaken by the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC). The aim is to support and assist students, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups to become key actors in bringing digital transformation within the reach of all industry sectors. The Hubs provide a space for innovating, interacting with mentors, co-working, and holding business meetings, networking events, workshops, venture demos, and product launches, as well as other collaborative activities.

To register to attend the workshop, kindly click here.
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