15 May 2023
Egypt Post Receives ‘Tarsheed Affordable Buildings’ Certificate for Developing Fares Post Office

Egypt Post has received the TARSHEED Affordable Buildings certificate, approved by World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) for achieving excellence in designing and developing Fares Post Office in Aswan, in cooperation with ECOnsult Arch, capitalizing on the best sustainability, environmental protection, and energy-saving practices.

Fares Post Office was renovated and developed using eco-friendly technology and modern design elements to reflect the uniqueness, authenticity, and modernity of the building, thus becoming a model for all future green post offices. This came in line with implementing environmental sustainability standards within Egypt Vision 2030 and Egypt Post’s full and ongoing support to Egypt's National Climate Change Strategy (NCCS) 2050.

Egypt Post received the certificate after Egypt Green Building Council (Egypt GBC)’s review and examination. The certificate was approved by World Green Building Council (WorldGBC). The review process of Fares Post Office was conducted during the design phase and after the full implementation, which included several key aspects highlighting the compliance with environmental conditions and sustainability principles. These aspects include rationalizing energy and water consumption, promoting a healthy work environment, and using building materials from the surrounding environment, as well as recycled and eco-friendly materials. This is in addition to conducting tests aimed at ensuring the reduction of carbon emissions.

Receiving the TARSHEED certificate underlines Egypt Post’s commitment to social responsibility towards preserving the environment and implementing sustainable development principles. It reflects its contribution to the transition to a green economy by employing the latest sustainable architecture systems aimed at mitigating negative impacts on the environment and achieving optimal resource and energy utilization to preserve the environment. This came in line with Egypt Post’s involvement in the initiative of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) on reducing postal carbon footprint worldwide. Furthermore, receiving the certificate represents the culmination of Egypt Post’s efforts in implementing sustainability criteria, improving energy efficiency, and reducing the impact of climate change.

It is worth noting that Tarsheed is a rating system designed to assess that buildings in Egypt meet specific green requirements or standards. It helps organizations design and build new innovative buildings in line with green building techniques.
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