Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
18 May 2023
Egypt Partakes in First Meeting of Coordination Committee of OECD-Egypt Country Program

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), participated in the first meeting of the coordination committee of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Egypt Country Program. The meeting was held on May 17 at OECD premises in Paris, France.

The meeting provided updates on the program implementation across pillars and projects, focusing on the projects that have already achieved preliminary results. The project managers from OECD and their counterparts in Egypt presented the objectives of their projects, their alignment with the Egyptian reform agenda, an overview of preliminary results and data, and the next steps.

During the meeting, MCIT highlighted the progress achieved in the ICT field within the Program. The Ministry also moderated a session that focused on the second pillar of the program, titled "AI and Digital Transformation”. The session discussed Egypt's adoption of OECD AI Principles and the development of the second phase of the National AI Strategy.

It is worth noting that OECD-Egypt Country Program is the outcome of a strong and long-standing relationship between Egypt and OECD. The Program serves a key source of information, practices, and guidance for the successful design and implementation of structural reforms to address Egypt’s main economic challenges. In addition, the Program enables the country to move towards a closer alignment with OECD standards and serves as guidance for the implementation of the sustainable development strategy, Egypt Vision 2030.

The Program stands on five main pillars: Economic Growth, Innovation and Digital Transformation, Governance and Anti-Corruption, Statistics, and Sustainable Development. Within these five pillars, the Program foresees a list of 35 projects as well as a co-ordination function to ensure that the Country Program is implemented and monitored effectively.

So far, 22 projects have been launched, and the Program's activities have made remarkable progress. MCIT is responsible for implementing three projects: the inclusion of Egypt in the Going Digital Toolkit within OECD-Egypt Country Program, AI project, and inclusion of Egypt in OECD Digital Government Index (DGI).
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