24 May 2023
MCIT, Justice Ministry Hold Workshop on DX Mechanisms in Criminal Litigation

A workshop on digital transformation mechanisms in criminal litigation has been concluded, under the auspices of Justice and ICT Ministers. The workshop has been held as part of the efforts of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) to implement the institutional development plan that ensures the sustainability of digital transformation projects in litigation.

The workshop aimed at introducing the digital transformation mechanisms within the framework of the law enforcement system. It also presented the “repository of judgments,” a newly created application, through which Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques were employed in the judicial system.

It is worth noting that the workshop was held within the framework of achieving the national digital transformation plan in general, developing the litigation system in particular, implementing the state’s vision for achieving swift justice, facilitating litigation procedures through transformation into a digital workplace for judicial work cycles and related work of affiliated entities, and linking them to the various state agencies to raise the efficiency and capacity of the judicial system and provide tools for performance evaluation and follow-up. This helps promote judicial and administrative work, rendering decent services to citizens, and saving time and effort for the parties to the litigation.
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