6 August 2023
‘Innovative Technologies for Digitalization in Smart Cities’ Workshop Holds

The National Telecommunication Institute (NTI) is holding a workshop titled "Innovative Technologies for Digitalization in Smart Cities" on August 8 at NTI premises in Knowledge City, New Administrative Capital. The workshop is sponsored by Huawei and attended by experts from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and local and global companies.

The workshop will dive into the technologies used in smart cities to enhance the quality of life, maintain sustainability, and raise efficiency. Technologies include broadband telecommunications through optical fiber cables, reliable telecom systems to ensure reliable and fast Internet connection, and their role in smart transportation, healthcare, education, and security, and the Internet of Things (IoT) for rendering smart services for citizens.

Moreover, the workshop will discuss the advantages of smart cities, most notably economic growth and sustainability, represented in reduced energy consumption and low GHG emissions through the use of fiber optic cables and energy-saving systems, such as smart lighting, and waste management.
Employing fiber optic cables in smart cities enables the provision of improved services and better traffic management. Fiber optic cables also offer a secure and resilient telecom network, and they are vital for the safety of citizens and the protection of critical infrastructure. Using fiber optic cables will also contribute to a better quality of life by improving welfare and easing congestion.
NTI will provide free transportation to the workshop venue from different places in Cairo and Giza.
To register to attend the workshop, kindly click here.
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