Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
10 August 2023
ITIDA Delves into LLMs within ‘SECC Tech Nights’

The Software Engineering Competence Center (SECC) of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is organizing a free SECC Tech Night under the theme “Chat with your own data,” on August 14 at Creativa Innovation Hub – Giza.

The session will explore Large Language Models (LLMS) and several use cases of chatting with files and databases, using Microsoft Azure OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model and LangChain for building LLM-powered apps. Adjusting LLMs with data and being able to chat with data is grabbing the attention of numerous organizations.

LangChain is a powerful and open-source Python library specifically designed to enhance the usability, accessibility, and versatility of LLMs, such as GPT-3 and Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT), among others. LangChain presents a useful approach for handling text data, wherein the initial step involves preprocessing of the large corpus by segmenting it into smaller chunks.

SECC Tech Nights is a series of events that delve into the exciting world of generative AI and explore the latest technology trends. The sessions provide both a practical perspective and a theoretical background for how to boost business in digital transformation, software engineering, and process improvement, providing the knowledge and skills needed to stay ahead of the curve.

Established in 2001, SECC aims to boost the local software industry by improving software engineering practices to achieve a strong presence in the global market. The Center provides leading technology services that enhance the efficiency of IT companies and improve their internal capabilities. It also organizes workshops and training courses to enable companies to assimilate and implement modern technology.

The session starts at 6:30 PM. To register and know more, kindly click here.
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