Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
7 September 2023
Egypt-Jordan Post Offices Partner to Facilitate Remittances

Egypt Post and Jordan Post have launched an electronic postal remittance service, making it easier and more affordable for Egyptian expatriates in Jordan to send money to their families in Egypt.
Through Jordan Post outlets, Egyptian expatriates can deposit their money, make instant wire transfers to their families who can receive them through Egypt Post's 4,300 offices, postal kiosks, and mobile post offices.
The activation of the electronic postal remittance service between Jordan Post and Egypt Post is a significant step in the ongoing collaboration between Egypt and Jordan. It is the culmination of efforts made by the two parties to support cooperation in the desired areas. The service is provided through the Worldwide Electronic Postal Payment Network (WEPPN) of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), offering reliable and convenient financial services to all Egyptian expatriates in Jordan.
It is worth noting that Egypt Post and Jordan Post had previously signed an agreement of cooperation on promoting electronic postal payment. This agreement is a testament to the strong ties between the two countries and their commitment to providing reliable and convenient financial services to their citizens.
Egypt Post is a major gateway for providing a variety of postal, financial, and government services. With its vast network of outlets, Egypt Post has become a popular destination for receiving a wide range of public services, including Digital Egypt services, civil status, traffic, National ID renewal, utility bill payment, pension disbursement, current accounts, money transfers, mails, parcels, and express shipping services.
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