14 September 2023
Egypt Partakes in DigiGov North 2023

Egypt, represented by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), is participating in the Digital Government North 2023 (DigiGov North) conference, held on September 14 in Manchester, UK, under the theme “The Northern Tech Revolution – Where Innovation Meets Public Service.”
During the conference, the Applied Innovation Center (AIC) Head Ahmed Tantawy will deliver an Innovation Lightning Talk titled “Digital Government: The Need for Serious Innovation,” presenting a case study from AIC.
DigiGov North’s key topics of discussion include digital leadership, digital skills, digital identity, data analysis, cloud, and digital divide.
The conference agenda features thematic sessions and roundtables on transforming government infrastructure for the digital future; unlocking social value for citizens by embracing the power of digital communities; connecting startups with government; and how the public sector can collaborate to make government digital by design and improve citizen experience. Other topics include empowering citizens with safe, secure AI and knowledge management; implementing a successful digital inclusion strategy; and accelerating digital transformation through innovation. The event also comprises networking activities and exhibitions, among other sessions.
Initiated in 2013, DigiGov North is the primary networking event for central government departments, local government authorities, and the public sector to announce new digital policies, showcase success stories, and keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest technology innovations. The conference brings digital leaders together to discover how innovation can be leveraged to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and impact in public sector technology.
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