Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
21 September 2023
TIECnovation Talk: Connected Services to Address Climate Change

The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) of the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) is organizing a TIECnovation talk titled “The Power of Connected Services Unleashed: Addressing Climate Change Impact,” on September 26 at Creativa Innovation Hub – Giza.
The talk will explore how connected services can help cope with the daily effects of climate change. It will also highlight how technology can address the impact of climate change and global warming.
According to the latest 10 hot consumer trends report released by Ericsson, future networks could help warn and prevent disasters through sensors in personal devices, cars, and public infrastructure that track climate-related events and provide a crowdsourced warning system to nearby connected users. Connected digital tools can help handle countless daily chores and obstacles as connectivity allows individuals to keep in touch in a future where storms, wildfires, flooding, and heatwaves might disrupt usual communication.
TIECnovation is a program that promotes technology innovation and fosters entrepreneurship. It consists of a series of talks covering various technology topics from several aspects and real-life business cases using this technology.
Established in 2010, TIEC aims to drive innovation and entrepreneurship in the local ICT industry through building the capacity of enterprises and individuals, providing innovation assessment and certification services, and participating in national innovation initiatives.
The talk will be broadcasted live from Creativa Innovation Hub in Giza to all Creativa Hubs nationwide. To register to attend, kindly click here.
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