Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
14 September 2023
MCIT Empowers Government Employees in Ismailia with Digital Project Management Skills

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and Ismailia Governorate concluded the applied program in the fundamentals of digital project management, organized on September 12-14, under the patronage of the ICT Minister and Ismailia Governor.

The program was implemented for 28 employees responsible for planning, implementing, and monitoring national and investment projects in Ismailia general bureau, as well as its affiliated service directorates, centers, and departments. The training aimed to improve knowledge and skills in digital project management.

The main objective of the program is to train employees of Ismailia Governorate to achieve sustainable resource management and use digital project management tools to ensure efficient project implementation and management in the short and medium term. This will help optimize available resources, reduce spending, waste, and environmental impact.

The program aligns with the digital institutional development plan in Ismailia to develop employees' digital skills, improve work performance, and leverage digitization to enhance the efficiency of government operations.

The training was organized as part of the Digital Egypt strategy and MCIT digital institutional development efforts to realize digital transformation. These efforts included building the digital administration capacities of staff and managers to help institutions embrace and sustain digital transformation.

The program is built on the outcomes of periodic visits and meetings between MCIT and governorate officials to achieve sustainable institutional development and digital transformation.
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