Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
25 October 2023
ITIDA Concludes Successful 12th Annual Employment Fair in ICT

The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has announced the statistics of the 12th edition of ITIDA Employment Fair, organized on October 10, online.
ITIDA Employment Fair aims to connect qualified students and graduates with job opportunities in ICT specializations, as well as raise employment awareness among Egyptian youth and facilitate their access to suitable and available job opportunities in the Egyptian IT sector.
According to the Employment Fair statistics, the number of participating IT companies reached 49, including 34 multinationals and 15 local companies, offering over 1,100 job opportunities in various IT, outsourcing, and offshoring IT services.
More than 4,000 job seekers in the IT sector registered at the Employment Fair, while the number of submitted job applications reached 15,231.
According to ITIDA statistics, the job opportunities available during the Fair varied; about 73% of the job opportunities were offered to juniors, while 27% were offered to experienced seniors.
The statistics showcased that over 200 vacancies in data-related jobs, including data analysis, engineering and science, and big data, were offered as the most in-demand job opportunities in the companies participating in the Fair. More than 180 vacancies were offered in programming languages and developing-related jobs, such as developing iOS and Android applications, Full-Stack development, JAVA programming, PHP, Back-End Development, and Front-End Development, as the second in-demand job opportunities. Furthermore, 150+ vacancies in software-related jobs, most notably testing, development, and software engineering, were offered in the participating companies.
The Employment Fair's activities included interviews, seminars, panel discussions, and workshops to highlight the latest labor market trends and meet the growing demand for jobs in local and global IT companies, as well as professional technology and career development sessions.
ITIDA Employment Fairs are designed to connect key companies in the ICT sector with passionate graduates specialized in various ICT technologies.
ITIDA provides the opportunity to apply for the offered jobs via the Fair platform until November  9. For more information about ITIDA Employment Fair, kindly click here.
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